If you have wanted to ski or kiteboard in that exotic location and be assured of a hassle free experience with the highest level of service and comfort available, then please read on. We know how to make an adventure sports trip to a country like Argentina or Brazil as seamless and hassle free as possible. We take you to the best places to do the things that you want to do. You could be skiing powder high in the Andes one day and basking in the sun, appreciating an exceptional red wine on the way to your Tango lesson the next. Or you could go kiteboarding in ideal conditions where wind is guaranteed and have a guide and support vehicle with you while you enjoy the remoteness of Brazil’s northern coast.

Our concept is simple. Each trip is totally customised to your requirements. With our help, you create your itinerary. At all times you will stay in the best available accommodation and travel by the means that suits you. Your Five Star Adventures guide will travel with you and stay at the same places you do. That person will be with you as often or as little as you choose – from guiding your skiing and kiteboarding experience to the after hours social side of your trip. We are constantly conducting field research into new and exciting locations and we are always integrating other activities into the mix. If there is a place you would like to go to or an activity that you would particularly like to do, just ask!